My art form is one that transcends the everyday experience.  My greatest goal in life has been to tell stories, and I've been blessed to have that capability through my medium behind a lens.  Whether that is a story of a two-year-old boy who simply wants to use his voice two people from all walks of life that yearn to be apart of something that is bigger than us all.  

OpticVoices is just that-- it’s the stories of many, but beyond that medium, it is an interactive exhibit that requires people to have the hard conversations around topics that make us uncomfortable.  We encourage people from all backgrounds to stop, look at the images, and then talk about the emotions that are evoked.  

The images in OpticVoices are photos taken from the BlackLiveMatter Protest in Pittsburgh, Pa.  During these movements the atmosphere was electric.  The people at the protest highlight the true diversity that is Pittsburgh: men and women, straight and gay, Black, Brown or White, were joined together in hands standing firm and standing tall, taking a stance to say that if ALL LIVES MATTER…the Black Lives Matter as well, The Optic is provided, we encourage you to provide the voice needed to be heard loud and clear. Silence is NOT an option.

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