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Emmai Alaquiva Bridge

Emmy Award-Winner | Film Director | Photographer


Testing the limitations of what is possible, Emmai Alaquiva is manufacturing the future of digital art across the multiverse of mindful media. “The sky is not the limit,” says Alaquiva, a four-time Emmy Award-winning film director, photographer and composer. As proven in his dynamic body of work, Alaquiva skillfully showcases the soulful account of humanity while becoming one of the most distinguished trailblazers in the creative arts industry.

Alaquiva isn’t just an arts-in-media innovator, he is also an entrepreneur creating employment opportunities in the digital landscape. In 2001 he launched the contemporary, full-service digital multimedia company Ya Momz House. “Our commitment is to tell stories,” says Alaquiva. His entrepreneurial efforts have been recognized by several publications, including the Pittsburgh Business Times, upon which he was named Top CEO of the Year, nationally honored by Black Enterprise Magazine as BE 100 Modern Man of Distinction and most notably as a national BM Community Leader recognized by President Barack Obama.

OPTICVOICES: Mama's Boys is an interactive, mixed-media exhibit that retracts from romanticizing the loss of sons due to systemic violence and orbits the process of what healing looks like for mothers. 


This exhibit, encourages healing and aims to fossilize the legacy and love of sons through the vessel of cinematic and provocative storytelling captured through the galvanizing lens of Emmy Award-winning, multidisciplinary artist, Emmai Alaquiva.  

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