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The Exhibit


OPTICVOICES: Mama's Boys is an interactive, mixed-media exhibit that retracts from romanticizing the loss of sons due to systemic violence and orbits the process of what healing looks like for mothers. 


This exhibit, encourages healing and aims to fossilize the legacy and love of sons through the vessel of cinematic and provocative storytelling captured through the galvanizing lens of Emmy Award-winning, multidisciplinary artist, Emmai Alaquiva. 


The images, laden with heavy symbolism, illustrates the kindred journeys of mothers around the world —shared through artistic love letters in the form of photography, film, mixed media, and augmented reality. 


The interactive experiences of OPTICVOICES: Mama’s Boys allows one to take an inspirational journey on the path toward healing. There is no love like that of a mother. Their lives, their love, lives on. 

*OPTICVOICES: MAMA’S BOYS is presented as part of the AWAACC B.U.I .L.D. Residency, possible with support from R.K. Mellon Foundation.

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